Friday, March 8, 2013

Habitat Restore

Our experience at Habitat's ReStore on Monday was very different from that at the work site, but at the end of the day we were still blessed with an important realization: We often remind ourselves that change occurs through little steps, but this concept is easily forgotten during boring, monotonous tasks. Needless to say, our job at the Restore fit this description as we priced countless, random donated items, some of which you wondered if anyone would even want or buy.

For example, we sorted at least 30 different bird feeders and foods, and just when I questioned if anyone would even look at these among the many items in the store, a lady walked back to our corner with a joyous expression, stating, "Oh, I love bird feeders!" Although simple, her statement made me realize the importance of what we were doing. No, we weren't building houses, but these "random items" that we were pricing would help to turn people's houses into a home. This woman found joy in such a simple item, and it reminded me that the little, seemingly unimportant duties still matter and bring about change. Also, her purchase of the bird feeder raised money for Habitat to build even more houses, thus creating a cascade of change. So, no matter how unimportant a task may seem, we all have to remember that small changes and honest effort truly do make a difference, and along the way it may influence and inspire us, as well. Jess

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