Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three days on the roof

Three days on the roof felt like a week, but as we progressed we can see the results of our work. It is amazing how the seven us, complete strangers before this trip, can work together without any conflict. we all have the drive to finish this project. Talking to the natives and volunteers has been a great eye opener, immersing into the culture of New Orleans has been a humbling experience. Getting neck cramps and sunburns was worth it. The week is drawing to an end, here's to the last few days!!! Johnny


  1. “Three days on the roof felt like a week…” - That’s how I felt, too, when we finished the roofing replacement in just 2 days. But all the hard work we invested paid off after we saw the results of our work. We now have a new shiny metal roof. Anyway, it seems you are very happy working with the people there. That’s good! I think that’s the main reason why the roofing was finished so fast. ->Missie Rice

  2. Working together for a good cause is indeed a noble act. Last year, we had the same project; I set aside my fear of heights just to be of help. Knowing that we were able to provide service was all worth it. Plus eliminating the fear of heights is a personal accomplishment that wouldn’t be possible had I not helped.

    -Elizabeth Hoffnung

  3. Glad to hear that you enjoyed doing roof projects! Yes, it's not an easy task, but when you work together as a group, then the task becomes less stressful. Keep on doing volunteer work like this, Johnny!