Monday, March 4, 2013

St. Bernard Project-- Flooring

Today, 10 of our NOLA team went to the St. Bernard Project work-site in East New Orleans, to assist in the reconstruction work on the destroyed home of Miss Trina. When we first arrived, the house was already on its way to restoration: the windows were in, the doors were on, and the floors were already begun. Our job was to continue this restoration, with jobs ranging from small to huge, but all fundamental. In individual groups, but as a team, we all contributed to help Miss Trina on her way back to her home. Some of these jobs included cleaning the used tools, priming the walls, trimming the floors, laying down the floorboards, or even taking the excess, misplaced plaster off of the window panes. All of these jobs were fundamental, no matter how small. They were all a part of the restoration process; they were all a part of the restoration of Miss Trina’s home. Altogether, the team feels that our first NOLA experience at the St. Bernard Project work-site was a total success. Between team communication building, learning a few new skills and simply coming together to do a good deed for someone who had everything taken away from them, the team helped our first individual and took pride in our small, yet monumental feats. Shelby

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